Life is Good

Life is Good

The simple goals I've made for myself eventually gets done & I want to write a post to celebrate.

1) Restarted my webcomic site. --> I will add this post to it!

2) Make generate monthly income. --> We had 5.  1 dropped out due to not meeting their boss's deadline. 4 remains!  Monthly income: $63.80/month.  $15.95/month payment per person at $200 initial purchase price.  I am now listening to Pat Flynn's podcasts and figuring out ways to do this better.  Why superfastlistings is important to me is because it represents passive income.  It represents creating a system where I don't have to show up everyday in order to earn money.  If I can succeed at creating systems which earn money online - I won't have to really worry about working as much & can enjoy life more.

3) Get more than 11K in sales/month for my auto parts company. --> It took a TON of work. 1.5 years of effort. But I did it!

4) Hire a virtual assistant. --> He is very helpful and an extremely fast worker.

5) Started a youtube biography site. --> We have over 71 likes on Facebook.  Now it's mostly run by my co-founder Lynn.  We recently added another writer to the group.  Her name is Liza.  Say Hello.

6) Get over 500+ connections on linkedin. --> 557 and counting!  I know. I need to update my profile. I will soon.

7) Push the worth of web of this blog site to over $2000 --> Did it!  That means:

476 visitors / day

(based on Alexa Rank below)
14,280 visitors / month
171,360 visitors / year
My Worth

My Worth

8) Be more happy with myself, hang out with more friends, & exercise more --> I have membership to Hanger 18 and I have been climbing like a gym monkey!  I am making time more for friends as well.  I also recently got a Mega Jul, Gri gri, Quick Lok carabiner, Quickdraw set of 5, my own chalkbag (instead of borrowing from my boyfriend all the time), my own purple harness, and a really cool headlamp.  Yeaaaaahhhhh.

9) AND LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY = Prioritize what's important. --> Listening to people more and put more effort into genuinely appreciating the friendships and relationships I have.


1) Recognize/appreciate/learn how to trust and love more.

2) Implement the marketing side of to the max & fix all broken links.  It's amazing we have subscribers when 90% of the links on our website are BROKEN.  You heard me folks.  The links lead nowhere.  Privacy policy?  Nowhere.  FAQ? Nowhere.  Home? HOME.  Can you make a business model work with a website that barely functions? Yes.  But is it the best it can be? NO.  We have a great product.  We just need to... sell it better.

  • Fix all broken links.

  • Build a thriving forum.

  • Sign up to Clickbank to create an affiliate marketing avenue.

  • Hire someone to do marketing & do SEO for the company.

  • Get monthly subscription to be $500/month.  It is a very modest goal so it is within our reach.

  • Get over 100 Subscribers to our newsletter. Right now we have 69 subscribers.

3) Bless Lynn's heart.  I shut down sometimes when life gets too much but she is patient with me & lets me be until I can recover and return.

  • Get rid of broken components on

  • Implement and earn at least $1 in affiliate link marketing on

  • Write more blogs!

  • Earn at least $1 in adsense revenue.

4) Push my auto parts company to 20K in sales/month.  [This will hopefully not be that difficult.]

5) Learn how to aid climb so I can do big walls or large walls & in general become a stronger climber and a more athletic individual so I can conquer life - better.

6) Start Auto Parts Lab.  It is another auto dismantling company but this time it will be run by more than just 1 person.  I will have two co-founders.  This is my first stab at trying to franchise but not really franchising.  Goal is to break even for the first month.

7) Work on as a blog.

  • Start a podcast.  Never tried it before but thought about it for awhile.

  • Get worth of web to $3000.

  • Reach at least 30 email subscribers. Right now I have 18.

  • Have more affiliate links.

8) Continue & try to get at least $100 in adsense revenue from it.  So far the below is my adsense earnings for it. Pathetic.  But oh wells!:




Life is short. If I fail - I fail.  But at least I try.  I'm not getting any younger.  I guess those are my goals for the next months.  By writing this down I hope to make myself more accountable & that I can keep on pushing ahead.  They all work towards the following ideas in mind:





PS. I am so proud of my lil' bro for having his white coat ceremony. He goin' be a docta.



I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my boyfriend.

By moving to Hesperia by myself to start a company & consequently isolating myself to an unhealthy extent - I lose myself sometimes and I am going to actively work to get that happiness back.

Thank you for still trying.

Climbing at Fairview

Climbing at Fairview




How To Toss A Salad

How To Toss A Salad

Awhile ago I started a comic website.

Although with only a few comic strips (around 30), it climbed the ranks of over 23 thousand web comic sites to be ranked at 746/23080 at The Webcomic List.

Why did I stop drawing?  Because I was busy doing other things - like trying to earn a living.  Now that earning a living is in my reach & I am actively doing it... I am itching to draw again.  I like to draw comics purely because I think in STICK figures on an almost daily basis.  It's an ongoing problem I refuse to treat.

So below is my first attempt at the beginning of something beautiful. (I hope.)

How To Toss A Salad Step 1 How To Toss A Salad Step 2 How To Toss A Salad Step 3

It's only appropriate to include this at the end of the strip:


You can download the PDF here:

How To Toss A Salad

Just some random updates...

my worth of web has crept up to a STAGGERING $1951 but have not reached $2000 yet. ALMOST!  I have a dream.. that one day... it will breach $2000.  What a weird dream, though.

My Only Worth

My Only Worth at 9/10/2014

I went rock climbing in Mexico on a mini vacation, pushed sales of my auto dismantling thingymacompany to 11K/month, added a quiz to, & am in the process of adding a forum to purchased from vbulletin.  Tomorrow I am going to be attending this event in Santa Monica because I am drawn to the start up world.



To no one in particular: I am doing okay.  I just need time to figure things out.



There is just one life.  And it doesn't have to be spent doing mental dances with yourself.  So you have to remove the factors that constantly promote your annoying, absolutely unbearable mental dances in order to go back to clarity.  It doesn't feel nice.  But if you know what you are 100% not okay with... the decision becomes easy.


Just a note.  Sorry for being so cryptic.

Who is Lilly Singh?

Who is Lilly Singh?

Stumbled upon this hilarioussssss woman and I have to preach her bio.

Brief biography:

Youtube handle: iisuperwomanii

Age: 25

Birthday: September 26, 1988

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Married: Nope. From the sound of it.  She just doesn't want to.  So leave her alone.

College: She graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Merchandise store: Unicorn Island

How did she get famous?: She started making videos in 2010 expecting many hate comments as she is a brown female comedian.  However, to her surprise the youtube community welcomed her.  She preaches love, kindness, and she "keeps it realz" in her rants/skits.  She treats her youtube videos as her job and since it is her main stream of income - it is her job.  Her job is to make you laugh and she is pretty good at doing it.  Since youtube is her job - she has a pretty fine job, only having to show up Tuesdays and Thursdays for 5 minutes every week and making MILLIONS.

Check out her video below:

Social handles -

Twitter: iisuperwomanii

Facebook: iisuperwomanii

Instagram: iisuperwomanii

Youtube: iisuperwomanii






Yup.  That's right.  Another SEO experiment blog.  View the screenshot below on searches for her: SEE YA IN 3 MONTHS WITH TRAFFIC RESULTS!

lilly_singh_SEO_2 lilly_singh_seo

Also, my goal for my worth of web is to break 2K in worth... so far it is creeping closer.  But not there yet.

Worth as of 8 11 14

Worth as of 8 11 14